The Wildlife Gallery   - Featuring the photography of Stuart Marcus
About Us
The Wildlife Gallery is home of Stuart's entire collection of work from his travels to all seven continents.  He can often be found in the gallery.  You will delight in his knowledge and be throughly entertained by the stories he recalls about each photograph in the collection. 
Stuart is a natural teacher who enjoys talking with children. He believes it is with the children that the future survival of his beloved wildlife and their habitats lies.  To this end, he devotes time to local elementary school students by presenting slide shows, teaching them how to photograph and respect the wild.
In order to maintain the quality of his work, Stuart  prints all of his photographs himself.  You can purchase standard sizes ( 8' X 10", 11" X 14", 16" X 20") or custom size prints uo to 4' wide by any length.  In all cases, Stuart returns to the original file, insuring that each print is unique.
  Waved Albatroos On Egg
Galapagos Dolphin
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